Nick Griffin leider van de extreem rechtse BNP is failliet verklaard

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Rechtsextremist Nick Griffin, leider van de extreem rechtse British National party (BNP), is gisteren - donderdag 2 januari 2014 - persoonlijk failliet verklaard door de rechtbank van Welshpool and Newtown county court. Het persoonlijk faillissement van Griffin heeft geen juridische gevolgen voor de BNP en belet hem ook niet om kandidaat te staan voor de BNP in de Europese verkiezingen van komende mei.

Nick Griffin, failliet, BNP

De door Griffin voorgestelde afbetalingsregeling, om in vijf jaar tijd 42% van zijn uitstaande schuld van 120.000 pond af te lossen, werd door zijn schuldeiser, advocatenbureau Gilbert Davies & Partners of Severn Street, Welshpool, verworpen. Dit advocatenkantoor stond Nick Griffin o.a. juridisch bij toen de Equality and Human Rights Commission een procedure tegen hem aanspande omdat het BNP lidmaatschap destijds beperkt was tot "whites only".

Meer informatie over het persoonlijke faillissement van de rechtsextremist Nicholas John Griffin is te vinden op: en

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En hier het propaganda praatje van de BNP

"Bankruptcy won't stop me standing for our people"

Nick Griffin was declared bankrupt yesterday in the Welshpool County Court for a period of twelve months.

The bankruptcy petition was presented for judgment by his former Solicitors.

Mr Griffin had applied for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) offering to pay 42p in the £ over 5 years to all his creditors.

This was rejected by the petitioning creditor, who said they would not accept any kind of deal under any circumstances.

With no possible chance that Gilbert Davies would agree, as the major creditor, Deputy District Judge Fox dismissed the IVA application and then proceeded to deal with the bankruptcy petition, which he granted.

In an earlier hearing on 6th Feb 2013, Mr Griffin had been ordered to pay what amounted to nearly £120,000 in outstanding moneys and costs to Gilbert Davies & Partners of Severn Street, Welshpool who had represented Mr Griffin previously in cases including the early stages of the Equality Commission’s attempt to outlaw the party (the firm were sacked by Mr Griffin part-way through, a move which saw the case swing in his favour).

“I have been advised that I have good grounds for multiple claims against Gilbert Davies & Partners for professional negligence,” says Mr Griffin, “and also have had an application accepted for an Oral hearing in the High Court later this month for an Appeal against the original judgement.

“Under these circumstances my offer of an IVA pending the final outcome of court proceedings was very reasonable and the Insolvency Advisor acting for me yesterday was stunned by Gilbert Davies’ decision, which she volunteered may have been influenced by unseen factors as it makes no commercial sense.”

Since Mr Griffin has no significant assets, the rejection of the IVA offer and this order means that Gilbert Davies & Partners stand no chance of recovering more than a small fraction of the amount they have claimed.

The funds of the British National Party are completely unaffected by the order.

Mr Griffin continues as an MEP, Party Chairman and has restated his intention to seek re-election as an MEP in “the most effective campaign ever yet launched by the British National Party.”

There has been some ill-informed speculation as to whether the bankruptcy might prevent Mr Griffin from holding office as a Member of the European Parliament. Such gossip is totally ill-founded.

Following the implementation of Section 266(2) of Enterprise Act 2002, bankruptcy no longer prevents one standing as a candidate or holding office as an MP or an MEP.

Nick, as is so often the case, has the last word:

“This order will not prevent me fighting for the interests of the British people or leading the British National Party to a fresh round of electoral victories. It’s of no political significance whatsoever.

"I will take whatever is thrown at me and deal with it.

"I champion the right of the British people to their land and I will never surrender.

"On a practical note, I am now much better able to advise and help the huge numbers of decent ordinary folk in my constituency who have financial difficulties of their own.

"I will be producing an advice booklet on dealing with debt very shortly and can speak from personal experience rather than from an ivory tower in Brussels!

“Voters are entitled to a genuine choice in May’s European and local elections, to support a party which opposes ALL immigration under all circumstances, and which offers radical, common-sense alternative policies on economics and energy.

“Ukip supports the continued destruction of Britain’s identity through mass immigration from the Third World and especially by jihadi sympathisers from the losing side in the Syrian civil war.

"The BNP will slam the door shut on them all. We stand proudly for the rights of the indigenous British peoples to control our borders, uphold our values and protect the future of our children.

“Ukip supports the destruction of vast swathes of the British countryside through gas fracking and is in the pockets of the greedy sharks of the City of London.

"The BNP speaks for millions of voters in rejecting both wind farms and fracking in favour of ultra-safe thorium power and marine energy, the development of which would spearhead our revival of manufacturing industry and rebuilding of a productive economy providing real jobs and long-term prosperity.

“That is why so many very powerful vested interests have tried so desperately to break us, and why it is so good that they have failed.

"The BNP will again be offering voters a choice between a real nationalist alternative and Ukip Tories of the BBC pet Nigel Farage in the European Elections”, promises Mr Griffin, “and I will be the lead candidate in the North West.

"Whatever they throw at us, we will be there for our people. And we will win!”

We're all with Nick

Nick Griffin is different from all the other politicians because he is firmly grounded in the real world.

While the out-of-touch Westminster politicians retire to their private estates and enjoy their duck ponds at the taxpayers' expense, Nick stands with the British people enduring all the same hardships and all the same struggles.

The BNP is in touch with the ordinary British people because it is made up of ordinary British people just like you and me.

But there's one thing that makes BNP members exceptional and that is the decision they have made to come together to fight for our rights in our British homeland and make Britain better.

If you care about making Britain better and have not already taken action to become a proud BNP member already, take action today – join the BNP and together we will take our country back!

You can also join and renew over the phone by calling 0845 809 4581 today.

We're with you in hard times.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Wythe
BNP Head of Publicity

P.S. Nick is enduring the same hardships as the rest of the British people. His strength of character and determination in the face of adversity is an inspiration to us all. Nick is more determined than ever to champion the rights of the British people and take great strides towards making Britain better. Nick stands by us. Stand by Nick. Give Nick your support by becoming a proud BNP member today.

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