Wednesday 27 november international action: freedom for Mouthena and freedom for all others that are kept in foreign detention

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Wanneer: 27/11/2013 - 13:30

Freedom of speech, right to demonstrate, freedom of movement...

Human rights, but not for El Mouthena. He was arrested and imprisoned on his way to a networking event.

El Mouthena is one of the many refugees without papers that are imprisoned currently in Europe. El Mouthena has raised his voice against this imprisonment loudly and many times. Let us raise our voice against his imprisonment.

We call upon all networks, organizations or individuals to organize a protest at their local German embassy or consulate on Wednesday 27th of November, 2013

Amsterdam: Wednesday 27th of November, 2013: 13.30h. gathering at Vluchtkantoor.
We will make a picketline at the German Consulate (Honthorststraat 36-38 Amsterdam) from 14.00h on.

What happened?

El Mouthena is a political prisoner in Germany, condemned because of going to a meeting. He decided to participate in an international networking meeting in Rome. After fighting for more than a year in the Netherlands for basic human rights for refugees, El Mouthena thought that the focus on the issue should be shifted to a European level rather than looking at the problem as a Dutch one. The aim was to gather with refugees and supporters around them to exchange contacts and ideas around: The right for asylum, No to the Dublin cage, and Freedom of movement.

Political fight is everybody's right! It was the purpose of the meeting in Rome and the projects discussed there and Mouthena’s attendance to break the isolation of illegalized people/refugees, to be able to work and network internationally.

El Mouthena is one of the motors behind the self-organised refugee protests in the Netherlands and beyond. Since September 2012 he is active for the steadily growing group of refugees without papers in Amsterdam that wants to show their situation to the public under the name of WE ARE HERE.

El Mouthena is currently detained in Justizvollzugsanstalt München. Within one day after his arrest he was brought to court. There it was decided that he is accused of illegal entry and therefore the case falls under criminal law. He will probably stay under arrest until his trial in Munich. This could take up to 2 months.



Sorry voor het zout op de slak, maar dit lijkt me vooralsnog een oproep, geen aankondiging?

Bij het artikel hierover wordt al gevraagd hoe laat e.e.a. begint, terwijl er zo te zien in dit stadium op Indy nog niets is aangekondigd dát of waar er iets plaatsvindt.


ps Ah sorry, only on closer reading did it strike me, the mention above of:

'Amsterdam: Wednesday 27th of November, 2013: 13.30h. gathering at Vluchtkantoor.
We will make a picketline at the German Consulate (Honthorststraat 36-38 Amsterdam) from 14.00h on.'

Sorry for the disturbance, over & out.


Geplukt uit de aanvullingen bij het artikel op :

'Ook in Den Haag zal er woensdag om 14:00 een solidariteitsactie plaatsvinden, bij de Duitse ambassade. Oproep: '

Tevens daar nog oproep schrijfavond voor El Mouthena,

'Datum: 3 december 2013
Locatie: Autonoom Centrum Den Haag, Willem van Outhoornstraat 17
Vega soep: 19:00
Start schrijfavond: 20:30 '

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