heftige confrontaties in canada tussen native activisten en politie, solidariteit nodig!

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in canada zijn al een tijd heftige protesten gaande van native's en solidaire millieu activisten tegen de exploitatie van natuurgebieden voor oa schalie gas fracking. het lijkt er op dat dit conflict nu in een rap tempo aan het escaleren is, er wordt hard opgetreden door politie en private beveiligingsorganistaties, activisten slaan terug met molotovs en nu worden er activisten opgepakt en geconfronteerd met zware ten laste leggingen.

from Earth First! News

In retaliation against a violent police raid this morning on a peaceful First Nations blockade, Mi’kmaq warriors and supporters have fought back.

The RCMP appear to have arrested journalist Miles Howe, who has been reporting on the Elsipogtog struggle against the illegal gas grab on indigenous lands. More than 200 RCMP are participating in the raid, including snipers in fatigues. Ambulances have been prevented from treating protestors wounded by pepper spray, plastic bullets, and general brutality.

As of the time of writing this, six RCMP vehicles have been torched, and melees of stones have been hurled in response to tear gas, plastic bullets, and pepper spray from the RCMP. Mi’kmaq allies have also confiscated fracking equipment in continued efforts to maintain the blockade against the gas company.

Blockades are reportedly springing up elsewhere throughout Mi’kmaq territory, as news has spread of police brutality and unnecessary use of force against peaceful protestors, including elders and children. Idle No More’s twitter account has called on all the Sacred Fires of the World, and solidarity demos in DC, NYC, Vancouver, BC, and Winnipeg have already been announced.

The Mi’kmaq Blockade has cost the gas company an estimated $50,000 per day, and has been ongoing for two weeks. Today’s crack down is a direct betrayal of a peace process ongoing between the Elsipogtog and the New Brunswick premier, and a violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples as according to the UN. The government of Canada has instigated a major diplomatic incident, and global solidarity is coming in from countries around the world.

The whole world is watching!



Morgen (vrijdag) is er een solidariteits demo om 16:30 bij de canadese ambassade !


zie hier video van de clashes:

overzicht van soli akties in Canada:


UPDATE: RCMP Appear to Be Withdrawing as Solidarity Protests Spread: http://earthfirstjournal.org/newswire/2013/10/17/update-rcmp-appear-to-b...


To all the people spreading misinfo about provocateurs at Elsipogtog, listen up. RCMP cars were not burned by provocateurs. It was an expression of rage by an angry crowd sick of being trampled by the government. People put their cameras away as the cars were being lit, as to not incriminate comrades and cheered every time one went up in flames. Hundreds of people witnessed this, so drop all the propaganda and snitchjacketing and raise your glass to all the brave peeps who risked life and limb to protect your fuckin water.



Statement on Provocateurs, Informants, and the conflict in New Brunswick: http://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2013/10/18/statement-on-provoca...


With some of the only video from behind police lines, subMedia.tv witnessed the brutal raid by the Royal Colonial Mounted Police on the Mi’kmaq blockade of fracking equipment. But the fierce response of the community in defense of the warriors was also captured on camera. We bring you the real story about what really went down on Highway 134, the story that the corporate media doesn’t want you to see.

Showdown at highway 134 video: http://www.submedia.tv/stimulator/2013/10/20/showdown-at-highway-134/


RCMP abandons Elsipogtog detachment after arson attempt: http://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2013/10/20/rcmp-abandons-elsipo...



Fracking company loses bid for injunction to halt N.B. protests: https://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/fracking-company-lo...


Verzet tegen de verdere plundering van de planeet.
Resist and take action...it's up to you to here the call up..

(Thanks for sharing this info here)

The native people in Canada, the US, those still willing to resist and still believe in another way.
That is a 'woodBLOCKade' not a Woodstock this time.

Help to spread this 'call' for a united, diverse front of the people, to join in on the protest, the places were the resistance of the people, natives, protesters already there in camps and locals emerges.
Put the call up where ever you can and support the people in Canada, US, Brazil..in fact the whole world.
That all City Occupy people go country side this time.
Let's take this out in the fields, everywhere where needed (that's a lot of places), a battlefield if they don't stop the planned destruction and exploitation of the enviroment and it's resources.
Because we simply are all connected on this little planet.

A call for unity, for direct action by your own choice and ideas, for natives, tribes, individuals, half and full breed, activists, anarchists, hippies, gypsies, hobo's, provo's, the youth, the elderly, anti-capitalists, enviromentalists and all those who care. Let's call m humans.

-OCCUPY THE WOODS---Connect yourself, cause it is all connected.
Against the Tar Sand pipeline, the Belo Monte Dam's (Brazil), fracking for gas (US-Canada-EU), mining, cheap coal, deforestation, pollution of all waters, rivers and nature as a whole.
Oktober 2013.

Warriors of the Rainbow rise up.

More info: Submedia.tv (End;Civ -Docu)
Idle No More, Occupy the Tar Sands, Highway 134 protest,
Dakota/Lakota, Sioux Nation- Okanada
"Announcement of a War"- Docu-against the Belo Monte Dam's (Brazil)
Pungesti, Regio Vaslui, Roemenie. (Roemeens plattelands verzet tegen Schaliegas boringen)
Boekarest protest- Anti-Fracking, 15-10-2013. (Veel vredige demonstranten werden tegen gehouden en konden de stad niet in)
Rosia Montana protest, Roemenia. (against a Gold mine, taking away 4 mountains in the area)
Gezi Park, (ungoing) occupation/protests, Instanbul, Turkey.
March against Monsanto, Netherlands & 'Stop schaliegas'.

join in yourself!


Mi’kmaq anti-fracking update: Two warriors released on bail, four others remain in jail: https://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/mikmaq-anti-frackin...


Tensions rise north of Elsipogtog as RCMP confronts Mi’kmaq: http://warriorpublications.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/tensions-rise-north-...

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