Badger Army - Jachtsaboteurs benefrietvoku

Nieuws, gepost door: nn op 01/10/2013 10:07:20

Waar: molli chaoot, van ostadestraat 55, amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 02/10/2013 - 18:32

Deze oktober is de opbrengst van de frietvoku op woensdag, voortaan benefrietvoku, in de molli chaoot voor 'the badger army'. Dit is een groep jachtsaboteurs die in het engelse 'forest of dean' actief de jacht verhinderen. Ze maken o.a. vallen onklaar en zoeken 's nachts actief de jagers op.

Hunt saboteurs - we need you!

De Engelse overheid heeft recent een vergunning afgegeven om 70% van de dassenpopulatie af te schieten. Ze doen dit onder druk van de britse vlees industrie die al jaren kampt met het virus bTB (bovine TuberColosis). De das zou betrokken zijn bij de verspreiding van bTB. Het is echter totaal onduidelijk welke rol de das speelt t.o.z. Van bTB, tientallen andere wilde dieren dragen ook bTB. Het is ook niet de schuld van de das dat de huidige vleesindustrie extreem vatbaar is voor ziekte uitbraken. Het is de zieke, op massaproductie gerichte, megaindustrie die zelf verantwoordelijk is en de aandacht voor haar wanpraktijken probeert af te leiden met de das als zondebok.

Er is niets mis met een vette hap, of fastfood eten. Je hoeft niet op healthfood dieet om verantwoord te eten.
Kom dus woensdags naar de molli chaoot, van ostadestraat 55, amsterdam, en ga je verantwoord te buiten aan vette vega snacks terwijl je ook nog onze cameraden in engeland steunt!

Een verslag van een groep saboteurs:


From the frontlines of the cull zone in Somerset

On Friday 13 September, Hunt Saboteurs began surveillance of an area of the cull zone in Somerset. Using public footpaths, sabs used high vantage points around a particularly large network of badger setts to set up observation posts.

After a great deal of time and patience in the early hours of Saturday morning, one group were horrified to discover that they were not alone. Men in shape-breaking clothing were resting against a tall fence facing towards the badger setts a mere 3 feet aware from them, one wearing a large poncho and carrying a tripod with night surveillance equipment (presumably a spotter) and the other carrying a rifle (the marksman). They were motionless and silent, and in the darkness of the countryside would have been impossible to find had it not been for the publicly donated night-vision equipment sabs were carrying. Sabs called out that they had been spotted expecting a reaction from them but they simply slipped away into the darkness and were visually lost.

This team notified all teams in the area of what they had seen and it was concluded that these were DEFRAs hired staff and that they had been shooting so sabs began a patrol for wounded badgers. Sure enough, found directly downhill from the marksman’s last known position was a very recently deceased badger. She was a young female, still warm and she had been shot in stomach, her organs expelled from the exit wound.

Thinking quickly sabs worked to get her out of the area, and it was at this time (surprise surprise) that the police arrived. They searched vehicles claiming they were looking for a “stolen badger” (so this was clearly at that time property of DEFRA – before they decided to deny it) and turned cars inside out.

The badger was taken to a secure location (via the underground railroad) and the details of the cause of her death were confirmed. Since breaking this news, DEFRA have publicly denied that this badger was from the cull zone or had been shot by their hired staff. What is interesting is that had sabs been caught in possession of this badger they would have likely been arrested and possibly charged with possession of stolen goods and/or theft much like the treatment of sabs in Gloustershire who made a similar discovery. DEFRA seem to think that they can fool the public into thinking this was a coincidentally shot badger that was not related to their cull but of course this is clearly not true and questions need to be asked about who shot this protected animal if it wasn’t DEFRA, how the police came to know about it and why the police had an interest in finding the body.

We want to thank the public for their continued support and in exchange will keep bringing you the truth.

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