Onrust in Turkije (OccupyGezi)

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Wat begon als een burgerprotest tegen de plannen voor het bouwen van weer een winkelcentrum op een van de laatste grote stukken groen in Istanbul (Taksim Gezi parkje) is inmiddels gegroeid tot een landelijke golf van onrust.

Vijf dagen geleden werd een kleine betoging in het Taksim Gezi park ruw door de politie uit elkaar geslagen. Dit bracht een grote golf van solidarietit op gang, die door de politie met meer geweld werd beantwoord. Er zijn inmiddels veel gewonden en vrijwel zeker een of twee doden.
Een poging van de autoriteiten om het gebied rond het Taksim af te grendelen mislukte. Wel zijn alle pogingen om een soort van tentenkamp a la Cairo op te zetten tot nu grof onderdrukt. Volgens de gezagstrouwe Turkse media heeft premier Erdogan aangekondigd zich niets van de inmiddels duizenden demonstranten aan te gaan trekken.

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  • Protests have been going strong in Istanbul non-stop since yesterday. Ankara saw a decline around noon, however regrouped with an even bigger following in Kızılay around 4.
  • Today, Prime Minister Erdoğan very blatantly threatened to gather his supporters against the main opposition party CHP, who called for an official meeting of the party in Istanbul to support the protests all around Turkey. I can't believe that he actually said "if you bring 10k, we will bring 100k people."
  • CHP then backed down, and opted for an unofficial gathering rather than an official party meeting.
  • Things got pretty heated up towards afternoon in Istanbul, which led Erdoğan to back down as well. The police force in Taksim, Istanbul has been called back, and the protest continues in Taksim Square without interference.
  • Police brutality in Istanbul from earlier today
  • However, it got really ugly in Kızılay, Ankara today with police using the same tactics utilized in Istanbul, such as dropping teargas from helicopters and plastic bullets.
    https://twitter.com/cansucomlekci/status/340847603828805632/photo/1 (nsfw-blood)
  • Somebody got shot with a REAL BULLET in Ankara today by "accident". Yeah, right. Don't mind the photo, he's not dead, but wounded.
  • The clash in Ankara between the police and the protesters are still continuing. And it doesn't seem like it's gonna stop anytime soon.
  • Also worth mentioning is Ankara's major, who have been provocatively tweeting the whole day and saying stuff like "You're lucky that we believe in democrasy, otherwise we would have drown you in a spoon of water."(turkish proverb, literally implies killing someone figuratively implies crushing/destroying/hurting someone)
  • ** COVERAGE ** - Mainly Ankara with few posts about Istanbul and other cities.

    [20:04]: These are UTC +2 (or +3 not sure because of the summer time)

  • Police have returned to Beşiktaş(near taksim), clashes continue.
  • Protests happening in Adana, Samsun and Kayseri as well.
  • [20:11]:

  • Live stream from Karanfil street, right next to the Kızılay Square in Ankara where the clashes are still continuing.(the stream fades in and out approx. every 3-5 minutes.)
  • [20:23]:

  • This guy is saying that 4000 of them just left METU, and marching towards Kızılay. https://twitter.com/Cem_Baker/status/340880546953588736
  • [20:39]:

  • Footage from Kızılay, half an hour ago.
    (still not public, hopefully will be in a while.)
  • Photo from half an hour ago. http://i.imgur.com/klLikkO.jpg
  • [21:09]:

  • Pretty big crowd in Tunalı. Will post pictures when I can.
  • The crowd is still angry in Kızılay because of the occasional teargas coming from the cops. It's like they're trying to provocate on purpose.
    Apparently things are pretty heated up in Adana as well, a friend just said that there's blood everywhere.
  • [21:17]:

  • Another group of protesters gathering in Çayyolu, one of the suburbs of Ankara.
  • Aerial photo of the Taksim Square after the police backed down today.
  • The force is strong with Ankara.
  • [21:28]:

  • Apparently metro is closed, looking for confirmation. Also, the same violent tactics are happening all over again in Ankara. This guy claims they're pushing pepper spray through subway ventilation.
  • There seems to be general internet connectivity issues in Ankara and Istanbul, ping times are a bit high. I should also mention that some people were unable to connect to Facebook or Twitter in Istanbul today. Not sure what to make of it.
  • [21:42]:

  • Just got in touch with a source in Bar Association. All the people that were arrested/detained today were being released one by one. They're pretty well organized in Law Enforcement Offices, personally overseeing the booking process.
  • The charges are some nonsense bullshit. Apparently the cops said that they won't be making any more arrests. We'll see.
    I can hear Kuğulu Park loud & clear from my home. Sounds like a pretty fucking big crowd.
    Several points were closed to traffic in Ankara.
  • [22:08]:

  • Protests in Antalya as well.
  • The clash continues in Beşiktaş, İstanbul. Live video footage:
  • Pretty big crowd in Bahçelievler, Ankara as well.
  • [22:15]:

  • Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Kızılay. Half an hour ago.
  • Still a big crowd in Kuğulu Park.
  • Another crowd in Ayrancı.
  • [22:28]:

  • Footage from Ankara, earlier today. Fuckers ran over a protester with a fucking tank ( edit: tactical vehicle. Does it matter much at this point?). The guy was hiding from the water cannon in the barricade. FUCK. THIS. SHIT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_0AoL72Evw&feature=youtu.be
  • Smaller protests pretty much in every neighborhood in Ankara.
  • [22:48]:

  • I think the guy who was "accidentally" shot with a real bullet just died. Trying to confirm.
    Someone just tweeted that a group of Ankaragücü fans dressed as the police, infiltrated their ranks, and then beat the crap out of them. If true, hilarious.
  • [22:57]:
    Just a single neighborhood from Istanbul.
    The whole city of Ankara is going nuts right now, slogans and car horns EVERYWHERE.
    People all around Turkey is calling for Erdoğans Resignation. Seems like it's the campaign motto now.


  • I'm sorry guys but I just can't stand to be here and not out there right now. My friends are out there still clashing with the police. I will try to post from the street but I can't say how often. I'll pick it back up when I get back. So long fellas.


[TR below]
(very rough translation of the text by Müştereklerimiz - a coalition of different movements in Istanbul that want to think, act and collaborate, the group includes anti-gentrification, migrant support, animal rights groups and more. )

We are all new people today!

Many things can be said about these four days: 'big' analysis can be made. But, what has happened in those four days? Gezi Park resistance made a big explosion in all of our, i.e. regular people's, collective action and organization capacity. Just with a spark... We saw the body of the resistance while walking through Bosphorus Bridge and while being fearless of the police brutality in Istiklal Street (in Taksim). We saw people supporting eachother while being exposed to gas, the shopkeepers distributing free food, and opening their doors to the wounded, doctors being there for help. Police declared a war against us; they ran out of their gas stocks, used rubber bullets, but could not stop the resistance. This collective body, which started with a spark, resisted for days. What has been experienced is in out collective memories; it became a life in itself circulating in our vains. While a new way of resisting is written in our memories, what is left from previous resistances was remembered as a simple fact: We can decide on our faith!

The resistance that started as a defense of Gezi Parkı, gave all of us trust with its dedication, insistence, its belief in its rightfulness, and creativity. The resistance spread from Gezi to Taksim, from Taksim to Istanbul, and from Istanbul to all over the country. Taksim Gezi Park Resistance became the place where we showed our anger against everything that prevented us from deciding on our own faith. Nothing will be the same, after this anger and this solidarity is voiced in such a way. None of us will be the person we were before this resistance. We saw something we have not seen before. We didn't only see it, we experienced it, we did it together. We saw our bodies moved by a spark, we were the collective body of resistance.
Gezi resistance provoked a youth upraising. It became the meaning and the place where one, or maybe two, generations - who in their lifetime never saw any other government/power but AKP, who identified authority with Erdogan-, showed their anger against this government, and possibly against any government. Any resistance in the near future will be enriched by this new generation. Gezi Parkı and Taksim Square resistance, at the same time, brought about the meaning of public space for us. Taksim Square is transformed, from a square around which AKP government is reinstating its own hegemony, into a square of resistance.
We saw the flame of resistance, and we know that we can create new flames. We felt our collective bodies against the seizure of our common areas/public spaces. We felt the resistance, we will not step back. New flames live in our bodies; we know that any moment is enough to turn that spark into a flame.

This is only the beginning, resistance continues!

Müştereklerimiz (Our Commons)

[ENG translation above]
Bugün hepimiz yeni biriyiz!

Bu dört güne dair çok şey söylenip yazılabilir; “büyük” siyasal tahliller yapılabilir. Peki bu dört günde gerçekten ne oldu? Gezi Parkı direnişi, sıradan insanların, yani hepimizin kolektif eylem ve örgütlenme kapasitesinde büyük patlamaya yol açtı. Sadece bir kıvılcımla… Direnişin bedenini Boğaz Köprüsünden yürürken ve İstiklal caddesinde polis şiddetinden korkmazken gördük. Gaz altında bırakılmış insanların birbirlerini kolladığını, esnafın bedava yemek dağıttığını, yaralılara kapılarını açtıklarını, doktorların yardıma koştuklarını gördük. Polis bizlere savaş açtı; gaz stoklarını tüketip, plastik mermi kullandı ancak direnişin bedenini durduramadı. Bu kolektif beden bir kıvılcımla harekete geçip günlerce direndi. Yaşananlar kolektif hafızaya işlendi; damarlarda dolaşan bir hayat haline geldi. Hafızamıza yeni bir direniş nakşedilirken diğer direnişlerden kalan basit bir gerçeği de hatırladık: Kendi kaderimizi kendimiz tayin edebiliriz!

Gezi Parkı’nı bir müşterek olarak savunmak için yola çıkan direniş, kararlılığı, ısrarı, haklılığına olan inancı, yaratıcılığıyla hepimize güven verdi. Direniş kısa zamanda Gezi’den Taksim’e, Taksim’den İstanbul’a ve İstanbul’dan bütün ülkeye yayıldı. Kendi kaderimiz üzerinde söz söylemimize engel olan her şeye karşı öfkemizin anlatıldığı yer oldu Taksim Gezi Parkı direnişi. Bu öfkenin, bu dayanışmanın böylesine dile gelmesinden sonra hiçbir şey eskisi gibi olmayacak. Hiçbirimiz bu direnişten önceki kendimiz olmayacağız. Daha önce görmediğimiz bir şeyi gördük. Sadece görmedik yaşadık, hep birlikte yaptık. Bir kıvılcımla hareketlenen bedenlerimizi gördük, direnişin kolektif bedenini oluşturduk.

Gezi direnişi bir gençlik ayaklanmasını kışkırttı. Hayatında AKP iktidarından başkasını görmemiş, otoriteyi Erdoğan’la özdeşleştirmiş bir, belki iki kuşağın iktidara ve muhtemelen her türlü iktidara karşı öfkesini boşaltmasının alanı ve anlamı oldu Gezi. Yakın gelecekteki her mücadele de bu yeni kuşakla zenginleşecek. Gezi Parkı ve Taksim Meydanı direnişi aynı zamanda kamusal alanın politik anlamını ortaya çıkardı. Taksim Meydanı, AKP hükümetinin kendi hegemonyası çerçevesinde yeniden kurmak istediği bir meydandan mücadelenin meydanı haline geldi.

Direnişin kıvılcımını gördük, yeni kıvılcımlar yaratabileceğimizi biliyoruz. Ortak alanlarımıza el konmasına karşı kolektif bedenimizi hissettik. Direnişin tadını aldık, bundan geri adım atmayacağız. Yeni kıvılcımlar bizlerin bedeninde yaşıyor; alevlenmesi için tek bir anın yeterli olduğunu biliyoruz artık.

Bu daha başlangıç mücadeleye devam!



gaat er vandaag nog een trein naar turkije



het is een enorm park wat daar tegen de grond gaat! En als zo vaak bewezen in de geschiedenis: plekken waar mensen kunnen samenkomen zijn plekken waar verzet kan ontstaan. Het is dus niet heel raar dat mensen voor dit park de boom in zijn gegaan.



3 June
The demonstrations continue..
The streets and districts controlled by people in many cirties, there were demonstrations in more than 65 cities in Turkey, and the violence gets higher as the night comes, last night more than 1000 protesters were arrested in Ankara and brought into a big gym and held there, their photos were taken by the police, and around 200 lawyers were waiting in front of the building, not being let in by the police.

the mobile first aid units that are formed by medical students and doctors were raided in Ankara, and both doctors and the wounded people were arrested.

2-3 escavators were taken over by the protestors in Istanbul and Ankara, one of them was following an TOMA(ME unit) in the streets in Istanbul yesterday night.

-Ege university in Izmir is occupied.

-since this morning in front of one of the main TV stations (Dogus Holding - NTV) people came together to protest media blackout, the tv station ignored the masses protesting in front of the building for a long time, they showed sport news instead, and they had to make the news about the situation in the end, possibly because they thought otherwise when things go wrong they might not make it to the news(!), and mainly because many companies withdrawing their advertisements from the channel (and that is due to the companies' fear of the crowds' anger towards the media blackout!).
Photo says 'Protesters in front of NTV building, protesting against the media blackout', you can see the NTV logo on it.

at the moment the situation in Ankara Guvenpark(a park close to Kizilay) is going bad, many arrests.

a hackers group from Turkey-RedHack- threatened to publish the names of the higher police officers and their addresses, and asked for police violence to stop. People are asking what they are still waiting for!

A website where police violence images are collected: delilimvar.tumblr.com

today Taksim Dayanismasi called for a protest against police violence, at 19hrs at Taksim. they also announced a list of demands.

there is call for general strike by the major unions.

-there is a general call for withdrawing accounts from certain banks and boycotting certain brands.

the first funeral today at 17hrs in Istanbul, of Mehmet Ayvalitas died yesterday after a car run into the demonstrators. The number of deaths are unclear at the moment, at least to me.

-one of the many slogans of the protestors says: "tayyip O. Ç." meaning 'tayyip(erdogan) is son of a prostitute", it is unfortunately a commonly used saying. Today a group of protesting prostitutes from Dikmen had a sign that says they are sure tayyip is not their son.;)

-people marked the trees in Gezi Park with names of kurdish people who were masacred in Roboski with chemical bombs on 28th December 2011, this was done with the order of army and government, and later it was claimed that those people were 'mistaken' with PKK members.

- at the very moment big clashes in Kizilay, Ankara. Many seriously injured, and ambulance not able to reach them, and mobile diy emergency units were raided yesterday!!. (14:30 NL time).

so far...



Taksim-plein viert de overwinning na hevige protesten

Neo-ottomanisme hand in hand met neo-liberalisme

Er zijn twee redenen waarom Erdogan zo volhardt in zijn nieuwbouwplannen. De eerste is de puur symbolische waarde van de plek zelf, het Taksim-plein. Hij heeft al plannen gelanceerd om Taksim volledig te renoveren in de stijl van het Ottomaanse Rijk. Hij wil het gebouw van het Atatürk Cultuur Centrum (AKM) afbreken en pal tegenover het Atatürk-monument een grote moskee laten bouwen. Het Gezi-park moet plaats maken voor de ‘herbouw’ van een Ottomaanse kazerne. Die was gebouwd op de plek van een Armeense begraafplaats, en de kazerne was in 1940 afgebroken om plaats te maken voor een stadion. Daarnaast worden winkelcentra en hotels uit de grond gestampt. Alles bij elkaar wil Erdogan dus het gezicht van Taksim veranderen in een soort religieus-islamitisch winkel- en uitgaansgebied. Dat is echter een doorn in het oog van de seculiere kemalisten en nationalisten, maar ook van links, de Alavieten, homoseksuelen, ecologisten, noem maar op. Dat verklaart de enorme woede en waarom er zoveel verschillende groepen gezamenlijk optrokken richting Taksim-plein.

Het project brengt ook duidelijk naar voren hoezeer dit neo-ottomanisme verenigd is met het neo-liberalisme. Alles wordt te koop aangeboden en ondergeschikt gemaakt aan winstbejag. Zelfs een klein park, het weinige groen dat is overgebleven in Istanboel, midden tussen alle betonbouw. Dat is ongehoord en eigenlijk onacceptabel voor alle lagen van de bevolking. In eerste instantie waren er maar honderd mensen in het park actie aan het voeren, waaronder een paar bekende artiesten, zangers en parlementariërs van de BDP en de CHP. Bekende bands gaven concerten in het park, theatergroepen traden op en er werden filmvoorstellingen gehouden.

Erdogan reageerde kleinerend op de acties, en zei, koppig als hij zijn kan, dat de kazerne daar hoe dan ook volgens de plannen gebouwd gaat worden. Zijn uitspraken en het harde ingrijpen van de politie tegen mensen die slechts een paar bomen wilden redden, gooiden olie op het vuur. Lees meer:


Liveticker/Timeline: https://linksunten.indymedia.org/de/node/87876

Um möglichst vielen Menschen Zugang zu unabhängigen Informationen zu ermöglichen, hier der Liveticker zur Situation in der Türkei in mehrsprachiger Übersetzung.

To provide access to independent informations regarding the situation in Turkey to as many people as possible, we created a live-timeline translated to several languages.



News from/Nachrichten/Νέα από/informations/Notizie: http://turkishspring.nadir.org/


De nieuwste soundtrack voor de revolutie:

Every Day I'm Çapuling!, https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=QV0NTUY0Zls .


Nog zo eentje: 'Tencere tava havasi' (Sound of Pots and Pans), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-kbuS-anD4 .

(En voor wie zich afvraagt net als ik hoe zit dat toch met die pinguïns, ik laat me vertellen dat CNN Turkijke hierover een documentaire vertoonde terwijl de protesten in volle hevigheid gaande waren.)

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