Afsluiting programma 'Yours in Solidarity' 17 mei

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Wanneer: 17/05/2013 - 14:10

De afgelopen maanden heeft Nicoline van Harskamp haar werk tentoongesteld in NASA in Amsterdam. De tentoonstelling ( is nog tot 19 mei te zien en is gebaseerd op het correspondentie-archief van de in 1999 overleden Haagse anarchist Karl Kreuger.

(zie recent interview over de tentoonstelling met de maakster:

Gekoppeld aan de tentoonstelling was er ook een wekelijkse avondlijke leesbijeenkomst, waarbij teksten uit de geschiedenis van de anarchistische beweging behandeld werden. Als afsluiting is er vrijdag aanstaand 17 mei een uitgebreidere dag (van 12-18:00 uur). Dan behandelen vier internationale politieke kunstenaars hun favoriete teksten. (

In het kort:
John Jordan leest Anonymous – Call (2012)
Elena Loizidou leest Emma Goldman – Was My Life Worth Living? (1934)
Kathrin Böhm leest Colin Ward - Child in the City (2000)
en Alumudena Rubio Perez (NL/SP) zingt teksten van Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio.
Van Melanie Bonajo (NL) wordt niet meegedeeld of en welke tekst zij behandelt

Elena Loizidou en Kathrin Böhm treden de volgende dag (zaterdag 18 mei) ook op in het programma van de jaarlijkse Pinksterlanddagen in Appelscha. (

(Zie hieronder de Engelstalige aankondiging van het programma van die dag)

Join us for the last and full reading day of Reading Anarchism with Katrin Böhm, Melanie Bonajo, John Jordan and Elena Loizidou. With music by Almudena Rubio Perez.

Friday 17 May, 12.00 – 18.00 | Admission € 7,-
Seating is limited, please make a reservation

John Jordan (FR/UK) is an artist that has been involved in direct action movements such as Reclaim the Streets, the Rebel Clown Army and various summit mobilizations. With Isabelle Fremaux he made the book and film "Paths Through Utopias", that documents their journey past eleven utopian, often anarchist, communities in Europe. The trip inspired them to set up their own community in France, where they live and work today. John Jordan’s contribution to Reading Anarchism is a 90-minute workshop developed especially for the occasion. Please be in time if you want to participate. (read more)

Elena Loizidou (UK/CY) is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the Birkbeck University in London. Her research interests include anarchism and political theory; theories of gender and sexuality, law and culture. She is the author of "Judith Butler: Ethics, Law, Politics" and is currently working on a monograph on anarchist practices and theory. The many legal battles of  feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman been one of the subjects of Loizidou’s special interest. (read more)

Melanie Bonajo (NL) is an artist who works with photography, performance, video and installation and who is, in her own words, “captivated by concepts of the divine”. In her work she aims to explore the spiritual emptiness and the shifted relationship with nature that she perceives in her own generation. In 2012 she initiated the collective Genital International, which focuses on subjects around participation, equality, environment and “politics beyond polarity”. (read more)

In the past 20 years, Kathrin Böhm (UK/DE) has worked  internationally on art projects in the public realm and has initiated a number of collaborations, such as Public Works. With two other artists that were born and raised in small villages, she founded, a group that aims to investigate relations and reciprocal assumptions between the rural and the urban. In her session, Böhm will elaborate on this in relation to two works of the London anarchist Colin Ward: "Child in the City and Child in the Country". (read more)

Alumudena Rubio Perez (NL/SP) was an activist in the 15M-movement (Indignants Movement) in Spain and is currently a researcher at the International Institute for Social History (ISSG) in Amsterdam. She will perform a number of songs to close the final Reading Anarchism session at NASA. Many of these were written by Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio, a Spanish musician who applied his talents to anti-Francoist song writing from the 1960’s.

Please click on the authors' names to go straight to the texts.

John Jordan reads Anonymous – Call (2012)
Elena Loizidou reads Emma Goldman – Was My Life Worth Living? (1934)
Kathrin Böhm reads Colin Ward - Child in the City (2000)

Reading Anarchism is a series of readings to accompany the extensive art project Yours in Solidarity by artist Nicoline van Harskamp. The readings examine the anarchist theoretical tradition. Guests with an affinity for the subject are invited to prepare a presentation on a book or article from the online archive of anarchist writing. Reading Anarchism encourages audience members to read the same texts and inspire further reading. The names of these and other guests and their chosen book titles are also announced online and in the exhibition spaces. All titles will be available as a laser printed booklet at NASA, and can be downloaded for free at

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