Mohammad’s letter to the KLM

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Mohammad’s letter to the KLM: thank you so much

Posted on 09/04/2013 by dhjana

Hello KLM, the best and most popular international Tourist flight company around the world,

In the introduction, I apologize for the mistaken spelling in my writing. From the bottom of my heart, Iwould like to express my gratitude for you cooperating with the IND in the field of humanitarian activities to proceed the kind deportation of Afghan refugee families, with their childeren teenagers and young Afghans to visionary safe land Afghanistan that has unique similarities with heaven.


I am specially grateful for Zoha, a 3-year-old girl who was traveling on flight KL 0427 with her brother Sajat, 9-year-old and father and mother. After a phone call with Zoha’s parents, I really felt thankful your special reception and the service in your airplane.

You prepared special seats with whole comfort security facilities such as protective helmets, some precious jewellery splendid arm and ankle bracelets in which the beautiful word ”Justice” is engraved with golden chains wrapped around their wrists and ankles to make them look like fashionistas.

You reserved three seats for her father who therefore could lay down to rest comfortably and you also gave them protective masks on their mouth to prevent the entry of germs and viruses for a better health.

By the way, Zoha’s mother asked me to pass her sincere regards to the pilot and flight attendants specially those body guards who took care of her children while they were out of reach being seated elsewhere for a long time. She said ”my childeren bothered them, Zoha and Sajat could not handle me being away, specially Zoha, so I really apologize so much for the bad behaviour of my children. At the end of the phone call she was very grateful to popular organization DT&V who had employed 9 bodyguards to protect them during the flight. She emphasized that this flight would be memorable for their life time, specially the beautiful word KLM.

het gezin Khorshidi

I actually can not express how pleased and happy I am for the Khorshidi family with their three childeren who will be travelling with you on a wonderful Tour on Tuesday the 9th of April. I hope you prepared the best services for them, like you did for other Afghan refugee families who have already traveled with your Tourist flights.

demo I am eagerly looking forward to the day when I will be one of your Tourist passengers.

I would love to be your customer one day because I know humanitarian organizations like the IND the COA, the DT&V,… By means of their humanitarian programs are going to take me and other refugees from recreational camps(AZC’s), motels(VBL’s) and luxury hotels (Detention centers) with your Paradise Tours to the safe and secure Afghanistan, ofcourse made possible by your self-evident sincere cooperation.

I am very grateful towards your friend IND who has entitled me and other refugees with the suitable and fantastic name ”illegal”. IND with this name has prepared freedom and security for us.

I apologize at the end because my heart problem might be a trouble maker for you,the pilot and other passengers. But don’t worry. Because DT&V has prepared some facilities like the Relaxing drugs that have a honey taste.Tasting the nectar of drugs that some travelers have already savoured.

I hope for a good flight with the KLM to the peaceful and secure land Afghanistan. A few days ago on the 3rd of April on a fascinating Tour that was planned by Taliban Tourist international flight company, around 50 Afghan people traveled to heaven. Unfortunately more than 100 others missed that flight. BBC reports revealed that since December 2011 this is one of the most incomparable and delightful Tours to heaven in Afghanistan. I’m sure that I will be one of the passengers on Tour Heaven. Ambitious? Absolutely,Taliban Tourist Air line is in good company, however. If you contract and cooperate with Taliban Tourist flight company like your obvious sincere cooperation with IND, you can with unprecedented galactic flight potentially take Tourists to Heaven every year.Who wants to go to Heaven with unrivalled galactic flight ???????

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Noruzi


laten we met zijn allen het bericht van Mohammed doorsturen naar de KLM of zelf een bedankje schrijven en zorgen dat de mailbox van de kLM overstroomt.
Laat ook weten op facebook waar de KLM mee bezig is.

succes , laat dit niet zomaar gebeuren

e-mail KLM :


These two companies are related to the conflict


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