Anounymous hacks Israeli websites

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Anonymous anounced a cyberattack on israeli websites,
and so they did, starting this night

In the fight for Palestinian human rights, Anonymous has launched the largest cyber offensive in Internet history: Operation Israel (#OpIsrael). The virtual campaign is billed as "the largest Internet battle in the history of mankind" that will "wipe Israel off the map of the Internet," and is being launched by hacktivists affiliated with the international collective known as Anonymous in order to protest Israeli policies in Gaza and the West Bank.

On April 6, hacktivists associated with Operation Israel released a statement via YouTube announcing the beginning of Operation Israel . The following is an excerpt from that video:

To the government of Israel: You have NOT stopped your endless human right violations. You have NOT stopped illegal settlements. You have NOT respected the ceasefire. You have shown that you do NOT respect international law. This is why that on April 7, elite cyber-squadrons from around the world have decided to unite in solidarity with the Palestinian people against Israel as one entity to disrupt and erase Israel from cyberspace.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

To the Government of Israel, it is too late to EXPECT US.

On Twitter, Operation Israel is being coordinated via #OpIsrael ‏ @Op_Israel, and can be followed via the following Twitter hashtags: #OpIsrael |#FreePalestine | #AntiZionist | #Anonymous.

At the time of publication, multiple reports of hacks, defacements, leaks, and other forms of cyber protest are flooding in from around the web. Israeli websites affected by the action could very well number into the thousands before all is said and done.

Updates to this quickly developing story will be issued as information becomes available.

For more news, art and information about Anonymous, check out Anonymous Examiner on Facebook.


Published Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dozens of Israeli websites were hacked in early morning hours Sunday, including pages of the prime minister's office and the Tel Aviv stock exchange, in the largest cyber offensive on the Jewish state yet.

The operation is being dubbed #OpIsrael and is said to be led by the hackers group, Anonymous, which says it aims to wage hacking operations against human rights violators. Several official websites were covered in photos of long-time hunger striker Samer Issawi, deceased Palestinian prisoner Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh, and slain Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh.

The names and email addresses of some 1,500 Mossad agents have also reportedly been made public in a Google Doc.

The organizers said Sunday would be "the largest Internet battle in the history of mankind" that would eventually "wipe Israel off the map of the Internet" on April 7, Holocaust Memorial Day. Over 19,000 Israeli Facebook pages are reportedly down. Below is an Anonymous video warning of Sunday's offensive:

Israel has staged incursions into some West Bank towns, such as Hebron, in recent hours, raiding houses and confiscating computers, according pan-Arab network Al-Mayadeen and several activists.

Anonymous first waged a cyber-attack on Israel in November 2012 during Israel's vicious eight day assault on the Gaza Strip, targeting 700 websites.

The following tweet includes a list of sites whose hacking had been verified by anonymous. Al-Akhbar can confirm that the sites of ISS Congress, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, the Tel Aviv stock exchange, the Defense Ministry, the Finance Ministry and several others were down at 2:30 AM local time Sunday.


around 2:00 am west european time:
#BREAKING: Israeli forces are riding hackers in the West Bank so be careful #Anonymous now they are in AlKhalil. Occupation notices the places of the hackers in the West Bank and arrests are happening right now in AlKhalil Tulkarem and Nablus. Stay safe and change your location if you were in west-Bank and working on Hacking "Israeli" sites!


updated list of affected


Anonymous states that this is just the beginning


Wat onzinnig allemaal. Denken jullie nu echt dat dit resultaat gaat opleveren ? Als luis in de Pels veroorzaak je alleen wat kriebel!


Final Report of the #opisrael hackintifada:
Yesterday an electronic hacking attacks began on the "Israeli" websites and accounts by Anonymous group and othe hundreds of Arab hackers.
The "Israeli" official media commented: It seems that Israel will go offline soon because we will not be able to stop the attack, and this way we will lose billions of dollars and we will suffer a collapse of the stock exchange temporarily.

Statistics of the electronic attack so far :

20000 facebook account were hacked
5000 twitter account were hacked
30,000 bank account in Israeli banks were hacked
Stock exchange website was hacked
Mossad website was hacked
Education ministry website was hacked
Security and Israeli intelligence website was hacked
And more than 400 other "Israeli" website were hacked

10000 hackers from: Palestine, Egypt, Syria, US, KSA, Tunisia, South Africa, Algeria, Lebanon, Malaysia, Iran, morocco and France participated in the attack

"Israel" asked the help of France and USA, were shortly after they stated that they failed in protecting the "Israeli" sites and accounts.

Different messages from the Hackers were posted on the "Israeli" sites, as:
إن كـان الإسـرائيليـيـن يمتـلـكون طائـرات حربيـة ..!
אם מטוסי קרב ישראליים יש .!
If the Israelis had war planes!
فإن الفلسطينييـن يمتلكـون عقـول إلكـتـرونيـة ..!
לפלסטינים יש מוחות אלקטרוניים .!
The Palestinians have electronic minds!

To the government of Israel: Welcome to the Hackintifada
الى حكومة اسرائيل : اهلا بكم في انتفاضة الهاكرز

Some others posted photos of the Palestinian hunger-striker in the Israeli prisoners for almost 9 months " Samer Issawi ", and the Palestinian martyrs in the Latest week as Maysara Abu Hamiday.

Souses / Anonymous and other International and Arab news websites - Update From Gaza ( Noor Harazeen )


'Cyberaanval Anonymous op Israëlische websites richt weinig schade aan', .


volgens de Israeli's zelf naar buitenlandse pers toe ja,
binnenlandse media verwacht dat er snel offline wordt gegaan door miljoenenverlies.
OOk wordt er gezegd dat de aanvallen op dit moment niet te stoppen zijn.


"... according to an Anonymous spokesperson offering a partial damage report, 60,000 websites, 40,000 Facebook pages, 5,000 twitter accounts and 30,000 Israeli bank accounts got hacked, causing an estimated $3-plus billion damage, the hacker collective claim."

Updates >>>


The Register: 'Anonymous blitzes Israel in new attack: OpIsrael rocked, says Anon. Nothing to see here, says Israel', .

Overigens wel lekker ook om dit te koppelen aan Jom Hasjoa, herdenkingsdag van de Sjoa/Holocaust. Zie ook Krapuul: 'Stompzinnige aanval Anonymous op Israël', .


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