[Nmgn] We are all PussyRiot!

Hier kun je discussieren over [Nmgn] We are all PussyRiot!.
And what a bright night it was! On the night of the 7th of March 2013 almost all of the statues in Nijmegen were decorated with colorful balaclava's. Just like the ones our friends from PussyRiot wore when they sang their punk prayer at a church far away in Moscow and who are now in jail because of this. Because you know, we actually really all are PussyRiot! We still need to deal with and fight against gender bullshit, sexism and a patriarchal society everyday. From feeling insecure about your body, being excluded because you don't conform to a gender stereotype, getting beat up because you're holding hands with your lover, having to fight again and again for the right to have an abortion - to getting sexually abused and raped. So yeah, some wall in Nijmegen now states: “It's a man's world. Let's fuck it up!”. We agree!

And everywhere else around the city of Nijmegen walls are suddenly taken back and beautified with posters, symbols, drawings and slogans. Cause it is indeed time to fight sexism and genderism. At least we're fucking sick of it; sick of the cultural, social and political mechanisms that are at work to keep this capitalist spectacle running and inherently causing sexism and all other kinds of inequality. So no, we don't want an increased number of female bosses, we want no bosses. We do not want a ban on a sexist and homophobic Christian party in the parliament, we want no government at all. We don't want to pay for unhealthy and expensive anti-conception, we'll fight for free and safe anti-conception and abortion for everyone worldwide. We do not want more police controls to prevent homophobic and misogynistic attacks, because where we are from wé bash back. And finally, we do not want any gender-stereotype determining our relationships with ourselves, lovers and friends. We'll be dreaming of and fighting for a world where gender doesn't even need to be a concept anymore, where we can be truly free. Maybe tomorrow we'll meet up and smash patriarchy? We'll see you in the streets, at our jobs, steeling tampons at the supermarket, at the meeting of a radical collective, in the library and at night:


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