Freiheit für Lina! Freedom for Lina! Stop the Criminalisation of Antifascism!

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After the leaks of US Neo-Nazi forum "Iron March" several far-right meeting points and identities have been revealed. Following this Antifascist took action against these meeting point, as you do not discuss with Nazis history has shown. Now Lina as the alleged leader of these attacks is in prison the evidence is having signal on her phone, wigs, and cash money.
Whilst Neo-Nazi cells have been discovered in the german Army, Intelligence service and Police almost on a weekly basis. Ammunition and weapons are increasingly disappearing and in Neo Nazi groups the Day X is planned. Yet, the Police portrays this as a win against "extremism" and the newspaper cannot stop sexually objectiving Lina. The pigs transported Lina from her inquisitive to a prison in Karlsruhe by helicopter.


Leipzig, Germany has a neo-nazi problem. The International Violent Hate Crimes Research Project documented enough violent attacks by neo-nazis and the far right in that small city in 2020 to mark it as one of worst cities in Europe for right wing extremist violence. Far right activist continue to build structure in the urban and metropolitan areas in Saxony. Obviously, this is a grave public safety emergency that most people would think the police would devote themselves to tackling.

Instead, what do the police do? They launch a series of raids of people’s homes and round up a group of anti-fascists – the very people who are actually defending the people of Leipzig from this wave of fascist violence! It’s almost as if the police are on the side of the fascists or something! (LOL) . In fact, the police continues, particularly in germany, to be infilitrated by neo-nazi networks

Now the LKA police have dreamed up an imaginary elite antifa terror squad that have been allegedly roaming Leipzig and attacking innocent right wing extremists. NO we don't talk to nazis, History has proven that it does not solve the isse. The kkkops pinning this mythical scheme on a 25-year-old woman as the “ringleader/puppet master.” Now Lina finds herself having to fight for her very freedom as the state attempts to lock her up because she opposes fascism.

Lina’s friends have set up a support group to help her defend herself in court and are taking donations for her legal defence, which our Defence Fund was happy to contribute to. Because anti-fascism = community self-defence!

We are standing up against the criminalization of anti-fascist work and do not want to sit silently with reputation, such as police and press a tearing construct to build allegations against a young anti-fascist.

Especially in Leipzig, justice, police and pressers are always trying a mood, which, above all, against the left district of Connewitz but also generally directed against left ideas and anti-fascist commitment. In times of authoritarian formation and louder recalls to Law-and- Order is the right to recognize the action of the repressive authorities. From press side, Lina will be explained to the "chief chaotic" and the sexist reporting to her person overlooks themselves. That's why we want to deliver counterparts to the current hazard and critically accompany the ongoing events

Lina is in imprisonment
Posted on 2020/11/06

On 05.11.2020, the General Federal Lawyer carried out a use against anti-fascists in Leipzig. For one of them, the LKA had brought an arrest warrant with which they took the person in custody.
The accused has been accused of being involved in several attacks on fascists, or have been planned and prepared, respectively. The whole is supplemented by the compulsory accusation of having a criminal association according to § 129 StGB, whose goal should be "to carry out attacks against persons of the right scene".

On 06.11, the Federal Court of Justice confirmed the arrest warrant against Lina. In a press release, the General Federal Agency accused to have taken them the tactical command management and a "outlined position" within that association. From the gossip press it is rejected to the "leader".

Before her are many exhausting weeks, which will cost besides nerves even a lot of money:

Donate for Lina:

Rote Hilfe e.V.
Konto-Nr.: 4007 238 317
BLZ: 430 609 67
IBAN: DE55 4306 0967 4007 2383 17

Do solidarity action, send letters to Lina, get involved in the Solidarity campaign. An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us!


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