Political statement on the police terrorist attack against the solidarity gathering in front of IND office(Amsterdam)

Opinie, gepost door: Abtin Parsa op 11/12/2020 12:03:14

The police terrorist attack on the December 8 gathering was purely for political reasons and had nothing to do with so-called health issues.

In the first minutes of the gathering, two police forces threatened about 10 comrades who formed the core of the gathering that if the gathering continue, the comrades would be fined. Minutes later, as the number of comrades increased, the gathering continued. At the same time, one of the comrades entered the IND building with dozens of solidarity texts and threw the flyers inside the building, chanting at the same time that "legal documents for all immigrants". After intervening in the IND building, the building guards, along with two cops, pointed at me as person who is responsible the of intervention, and then the cops also launched a violent attack on the gathering, in which one of the comrades was beaten. Very soon, many cops arrived, at this time we decided to end the gathering, however the police started chasing me on motorcycles and bicycles as I was leaving the gathering. A few of meters away from the gathering, I was violently arrested by the cops who surrounded me. After my arrest, I started chanting political slogans against the police, the regime, repression and state terrorism, which was accompanied by a very violent reaction from the cops. At the same time, one of comrades, who was leaving the gathering with me, was protesting to the cops in solidarity with me. She was also beaten by the police and arrested shortly afterwards. Soon, other comrades came to our point of arrest and started protesting the cops, which was accompanied by a violent reaction from the cops, and another comrade was arrested and several comrades were severely beaten. Neighbors, seeing the police violence, started protesting against the cops along with other comrades, and some people in the neighborhood, mostly young people and teenagers, approached the point. Dozens of police on the scene put us in three different cars and took us to a local police station in the western part of Amsterdam.(also I was beaten up again in the car). The three of us were charged with insulting the cops, and after a few hours of detention, we were all released.

The police terrorist attack on the December 8 gathering was purely for political reasons and had nothing to do with so-called health issues; in fact, the corona has become just an excuse for the regime to intensify social repression and control. The ridiculous law of allowing three or four people to gather together is merely a political means for the regime to target the resistance movement as much as possible. In the center of Amsterdam, on one of the most expensive streets in Europe, hundreds of people gather and stand together without the so-called social distance! Why is the regime violently attacking a political gathering of 20 people under the pretext of Corona, but turning a blind eye to the center of Amsterdam? In fact, this regime, which intends to carry out repression and social control by placing itself in a benevolent position, is a complete deceiter. The regime's propaganda about Corona has led society to voluntarily enslave itself, and even sections of the resistance movement to voluntary suppress itself. The real virus is neoliberalism and the dangerous pandemic is capitalism, nothing should stop the resistance and struggle against capitalism and states. Corona is a purely political virus that is being used for repressive political purposes by states; We should not allow the regime to create such conditions for us by using propaganda about the corona, we should not forget that the reason for the existence of various viruses and diseases are the same states who try to show themselves in a condition of fighting the viruses. By being placed in forced quarantine, which even is in fact against their own law, we humans have become prisoners who are subjected to collective scrutiny like laboratory mice. These conditions must end, however, especially since protests should not be suppressed under any circumstances.

Abtin Parsa
11 December 2020

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