Steun Kafka

Hier kun je discussieren over Steun Kafka.
We zitten echter in de financiële problemen. We hebben de afgelopen jaren minder donateurs gekregen, terwijl onze kosten gestegen zijn. Nu zijn onze kosten eigenlijk best laag. We draaien volledig op vrijwilligers en de vaste lasten zijn alleszins redelijk. We zijn dus al snel geholpen met enkele tientallen nieuwe donateurs, die bijvoorbeeld tien of twintig euro per maand schenken.

Dus steun ons met een donatie! Een eenmalig storting is heel welkom, een periodieke overmaking is geniaal!
We zijn er ook mee geholpen wanneer jullie de oproepen die we als bijlage bij deze mail toegevoegd verder zouden willen verspreiden in jullie netwerk of op een website of sociaal medium.

Onze bankrekening is NL98 INGB 0000 071006 van Kafka Amsterdam.
Op onze website vindt je ook de Pay-pal knop:

Re: Steun Kafka

Why does the anti-fascist organization have a bank account with the racist ING bank?

Everyone knows what ING money is spent on and there is no explanation for your (Kafka) ignorance, the same goes for AFA Nederland.

For me and for many non-white people you are unbelievable, by setting up an account at ING you support racism, so stop calling yourself anti-fascist!

Jeez, how short sighted. Why

Jeez, how short sighted. Why are you directly drawing conclusions. Maybe first write them directly and constructively instead of screaming and judging publicly? Nice way of building a strong and solid movement... in times of fascist reaction.

Maybe you should also acknoledge the the tens of years of antifascist work the organisation has done before you start yelling and distancing yourself.

An antifascist.

do you/they call yourself

do you/they call yourself anti-fascists just out of habit or what?

Is obvious this situation is unacceptable, Kafka and AFA Netherlands must change the bank account as soon as possible.

what connects - racism - colonialism - Kafka -AFA Nederland?
accounts at the ING bank

It's so sad. These things have been signaling to Dutch white anti-fascists for years and apart from the excuses there are no upcoming changes. Maybe it is appropriate to stay at a distance to the white conservative non-reformable self-calling "anti-fascists" by non-white anti-racist activists.

better say, what do you have to say to people from Standing Rock Sioux?

there are no compromises

"there are no compromises",

"there are no compromises", how noble of you to say that. You know what would be really noble? Actually being nice and offering help, having some constructive criticism instead. Build each other up, don't tear each other down. Also, what the other person said. There is no good bank. As you said, no compromises, so better keep your moniez in a dirty sock under your bed, or better even: burn it (the banks or your money, up to you).

Antifascism and change

I'm going to tell you one thing, I am a revolutionary antifascist, and one thing that is essential to antifascism is exactly the fact that you have to make strategic compromises. Antifascism is the fighting of fascism, sometimes also beyond political differences. This can also mean making alliances with reformist elements, or even concervatives...

I am also a revolutionary, to push for change beyond this, because reform or just countering fascism is not enough, there I agree with you too. The question that rises for me however is what your conception is of change... how do people change? Do they change by attacking them (especially when they are way closer then you think) and yelling 'no compromise', or do they change by a hand reach and well placed question? Do they have the will to change or not? Do they actively act in opposition to you (reactionaries) or just because they have never got to know a different position? Important questions that need to be answered, and sloganism like 'no compromises' have no answer to.

The Black Panthers had the slogan 'By any means nescecary'. This meant to every end a means that fits, I think that is something we need to adhere, not the hammer for the screw, that asks for a screwdriver...


Hey Hey,

Just wanted to contribute a bit to this discussion. I know that there have been efforts to try and change banks for AFA NL.
From what i heard it really boils down to a couple of problems, 1. Banks are not really keen on opening a bank account on the name of antifascistische actie nederland, so you will get a thorough search of everything or just denied. Which is problematic especially when most organizing antifascists try to keep a low profile, or at least avoid a paper trail that leads back to them. These background checks have only intensified over the years since the opening of the bank account. And secondly antifa is nothing, it is not an official organization, no adress, nothing. Stuff which is usual required to fill in when opening up a business-like account. As it seems, back in the day one of the banks that wasn't very keen on these kind of rules was ING.

Its not like they turn a blind eye to the problematic nature of banks or ING (which is one of the worse banks), it is more like a thorn in the eye..
So while there have been efforts, so far they are no real solutions. Therefore solutions would be more than welcome and if anyone would know of something that would at least help with these problems just mail them. I am sure they are open for suggestions!

Looking at the number of the

Looking at the number of the bank account: this is a very old account number. Probably started the account in 1988, when the differences between banks were not so big and problematic as they are now. I understand your criticism, of course. But it's mostly very hard to change banks as an organization.
But tell me, please. what do you do about nazi's? If you had taken a bit of a look at kafka, you should've seen they are an invaluable organisation in the fight against fascism here in the Netherlands.

All banks are more or less

All banks are more or less the same, even the 'good' ones. Instead of having this useless discussion on consumer-actionism, lets talk about hwo to raise money for Kafka...

How about offering them help

How about offering them help with all the hassle if changing bank accounts? Maybe Kafka is open to your criticism, but is already in a difficult situation and even if they would want to change bank accounts, they have trouble doing so. Instead of your comment you could have written something like this: “He Kafka, I support your work and I’m sure we are on the same dude, but using a zing bank account is problematic. As we both support the same ideals I would like to help you change bank accounts. Let’s keep the good fight up and let’s celebrate solidarity. Let us challenge each other but also help and support each other.” ( ok bit over the top to make my point, but at least I hope you get the pint right?)

LOL, deze opmerking kon zo

LOL, deze opmerking kon zo uit het anti-deutsche boekje komen. Wat een niveau.


Jullie werk is heel goed, vele mensen hebben profijt van het goede speurwerk. Ja, misschien is het een mogelijkheid om van bank te veranderen,maar dat valt niet mee. Om nou zo in te hakken op kafka en antifa, vind ik echt heel heftig.

for example, as soon as I

for example, as soon as I learned that ING sponsors racism and colonialism, I changed my account to an environmentally friendly bank. Don't say they are the same. Living in a capitalist system I am forced to use money but I try to invest it and spend it in places close to our freedom ideals and not in places that support our enemies. How easy is that.

I definitely understand the frustrations of those who have been waiting for changes for years ...

It's indeed very easy for a

It's indeed very easy for a personal bank account, not for a business account.
Kbye, go back to german indymedia plz


Hey Gap,
Doe eens gewoon even normaal en niet zo. Geef die mensen wat geld en stuur ze een mailtje met deze kennis. Ik snap het in de tijden van dikke ego's zoals Derksen en Baudet denk je al gauw dat het over je fantastische IK gaat, maar daar gaat het nu niet om. Kafka is veel te belangrijk. Dus STFU en doneer.

Waarom alleen donaties ? T

Waarom alleen donaties ? T shirts speldjes en zo verkopen op boekenbeurs en bij pop concerten en zo. Bitcoins ? Heb ik geen verstand van maar dan heb je toch niet met banken te maken ?
Lezingen en workshops tegen betaling enz enz. Jullie van kafka worden nog rijk...RIJK !

Weet niet onder welke steen

Weet niet onder welke steen jij leeft hoor, maar er zijn geen concertjes en boekenbeurzen in coronatijden, of lezingen. Daarnaast heb je gewoon als stichting vaste lasten die je met een bank moet betalen, het is niet dat ze dit lekker helemaal diy op hun gekraakte zoldertje doen ofzo. en bitcoins.. tja. wat jij wil schat

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