UUkraine: Right Sector threatens the lives of anti-fascists from Odessa

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Activists Odessa anti-fascist movement Kulikov field receiving threats from radical organizations of the Ukrainian Right Sector - told journalists member of the board of the Odessa peripheral, Vadim Savienko.

Savienko said the activists list containing their photographs, addresses and phone numbers were provided by the Ministry of Interior radicals, so they could put pressure on their families. A deputy said that now many of those who, in accordance with their own convictions, and not for the money, they are anti-fascists must hide with friends or to leave Ukraine.

Recall that on May 2 a few thousand supporters of the government in Kiev, mostly stadium hooligans and thugs Right Sector came to Odessa with the intent to break up anti-government protest movement in the city. "The goal is to completely clean Odessa" - said one of the activists of the Right Sector.

It’s clear that the number of casualties in the Trade Unions House is far greater. Provocateurs captivated people into the building where it was possible to kill them with impunity, with great relish, and without witnesses. Fire inside the building was directed in order to hide mass murdering of Ukrainian citizens.

On the following video, an eyewitness says about more than one hundred victims killed inside the Trade Unions House (with English subtitles)
Очевидец Одесса 02 05 2014 Odessa Ukraine eyewitness

foto Trade Unions House in Odessa
The sign of above demotivator that points on victim, murderer and the crime scene reads: “We offed Mommy! Glory to Ukraine!”. This demotivator has been joyfully posted by one of the Ukrainian "patriots".
Most likely it is a pregnant woman, who was one of the employees working on holidays, cleaning offices and watering flowers. She was strangled by an electric wire.

How the thugs killed Odessa inhabitants in the Trade Unions House - the details of bloody scenario.

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Let op! De laatste link bevat expliciet en schokkend materiaal.


De hele situatie in Oekraïne is ernstig gecompliceerd waarbij veel verschillende lezingen van de gebeurtenissen rond de brand in het vakbondsgebouw in Odessa bestaan. Er zijn geruchten van veel meer dan 40 doden (wel tot 116) en niet enkel door brand maar ook dat deze zijn gewoonweg zijn uitgemoord in het gebouw. Hieronder een lezing van een anarchist en ooggetuige:

On Friday, the 2nd of May, the House of Trade Unions in Odessa caught on fire. Altogether at least 42 people lost their lives during the clashes in the city, most of them in the fire and the others in streetfights. Here is a translation of an eyewitness Russian anarchist account of the tragedy.

Events began to unfold when armed pro-Russian AntiMaidan fighters attacked a demonstration organised by football hooligans with nationalist sympathies. This attack resulted in lethalities, but soon the pro-Russians were overpowered. They escaped back to their protest camp in the Kulikovo field, but pro-Kiev demonstrators followed and lit the protest camp on fire. The pro-Russians then escaped to the House of the Trade Unions, which soon caught on fire. The fire spreading, is visible in this video. At the 2 minute mark, you can see a flame behind a closed window, making it plausible that some of the fires were started from the inside. For example, due to accidents with Molotov cocktails which were used by both sides during the fight. However, you can also see pro-Ukrainian nationalists throwing Molotov cocktails, making them at least partially responsible for the fire.

There are doubts as to whether the core group of pro-Russians who attacked the demonstration with firearms were outside provocateurs. But certainly, there were people in the House of Trade Unions, who had nothing to do with the attack. In a number of photographs, you can see police protecting the core group of attackers. Otherwise, police were very passive during the fire, and did not interfere in the events. Even if the police were not part of a conspiracy, at the least, they acted completely unprofessionally.

During the weekend, troops of the central government and local “federalists” had been waging war in the city of Kramatorsk in Eastern Ukraine. This means, that what is happening in the Ukraine can already be considered a civil war. In the upcoming weeks, it will become clear how widely the warfare will spread and if Russia will interfere.

[lees meer: http://libcom.org/news/anarchism-context-civil-war-08052014]



Thanks for the original post. This incident is underreported in the mainstream media.
If this was a pro-Russian attack on pro-Ukrainians, it would have made the headlines everywhere, be assured.
What happened does not fit into the great narrative of Russia, the West's enemy, which is why the news is kept low.

As for the lib.com article.: The fires could be caused by accidents while making molotov cocktails inside?
Could you listen to how ridiculous you sound when writing this?

The writer is doing exactly what the mainstream media has inculcated into us - it is working on the premise that everything is Russia's/the pro-Russian's fault. And even when that is BLATANTLY not the ccase, the article is bending over backwards trying to see that as a possibility.

The Russian minority in Ukraine has legitimate claims, they have been oppressed. It is not because a minority has a big country that bears their name as a neighbour, that it is okay to treat them as second class citizens. Some people seem to think that.

And these extreme violent groups EXIST ON BOTH SIDES, as was seen here, they are not of the domain of the pro-Russians only.
They do not represent neither all pro-Ukrainians nor all Russian speakers and pro-Russians.

If, looking from the outside, you are trying to see a "good side" and a "bad side" you are giving in exactly to what Western governments, via their stooges, the Western mainstream media, want.

There is a complicated situation in Ukraine, and there is no good or bad. To understand things a much more nuanced view is needed than to blame Russia and the pro-RUssians.


AWU-Kiev Statement on the Odessa Tragedy: http://avtonomia.net/2014/05/05/awu-kiev-statement-odessa-tragedy/ .


Note: according to one of the main versions of what happened on May 2 in Odessa, the Right Sector thugs performed a false flag operation. They put St. George's Ribbons (symbols of anti-Maidan federalism supporters) and organized violent provocation against Maidan supporters (i.e. against their own allies), in order to later blame federalism supporters and make them look responsible for death of many people.

(1) Who could get onto the roof of the administrative building of nationwide significance? Perhaps those who in advance got the keys to locked steel gratings protecting the roof doors.

(2) These thugs must be found. They could tell a lot about when the murdering plan implementation has started, and how in advance they brought supplies for Molotov’s cocktails to the Trade Unions House.

On the picture below stunt clowns play a role of federalism supporters. Typical Hollywood (USA/Israel)-style false flag action.




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